Eurotrash? Moi?

Poor Carla has been left with a visage un peu rouge after an interview surfaced from Eurotrash - everyone's favourite post-pub show back in the day - where Bruni extolled the virtues of learning lots of languages; mainly in order to seduce strangers when travelling through Europe.

Carla told Antoine and JP Gaultier, 'We need this...because we're travelling around the world and we're meeting new people every day and we must know what to tell them in case we get in bed with them. For example if you have a German person and you want to tell them, 'You get me very hot', you say, 'Sie erhalten mich sehr heiss'.'

At one point in the interview, she poses the question, 'Do you like my t***ies?' in no less than four languages. We knew there was a reason we were supposed to pay attention in our French classes.

A source close to the French Prez said, 'The video certainly throws a disappointing shadow over the dignity of the position of First Lady.'

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