English Fry Up-ping Sticks?

Stephen Fry says he is quitting the UK and moving to America. The king of Twitter and all round good egg told The Daily Mail he is currently on the look out for a home stateside and may make the switch across the pond soon.

‘I'm looking for a place in LA. I do love America. I had an apartment in New York for many years and have just sold that so I do want somewhere in America and I think now, having loved the East Coast as I do, I might just make it the West Coast'.

'I'd be happy to be here' he continued. 'I love the weather. I have a mild form of bipolar disease. One of the things that really helps my moods is the sunshine’.

He goes on to explain there are other factors apart from the weather that would entice him: 'and of course I'd be close to my darling Hugh and his darling wife and his darling children.'

Of course, this has nothing to do with the Labour government’s introduction of a 50% tax band for the rich in April.....

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