'Enders Ronnie in the clink

Eastenders' cot death plotline, a story which has infuriated and upset more viewers than Tiff getting run over, is to end in jail for Ronnie Branning. The character, played by Sam Womack, who has made clear her desire to leave the show after the controversial scenes, will hand herself over to the cops, apparently guilt-ridden after nicking Kat Moon's baby.

A source hanging round by the Queen Vic gossiped, 'Ronnie gets out on bail on the day of Tommy's christening, and is in Albert Square as celebrations kick off.'

Meanwhile, Eastender's veteran Nathalie Cassidy 'admitted' (ie. saw her chance for a quote in a newspaper) that, as a young mother, she found the plotline moving, 'The cot death storyline has been heartbreaking. The way you see Ronnie cradling that baby, I almost felt that I was holding it myself. Jessie Wallace and Samantha Womack have both been immense. It was harrowing stuff and I did cry when I was watching it. I can see where people are coming from when they say Ronnie stealing the baby was a step too far. But that's where the soap element comes in.' Thanks for that, Nat.

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