'Enders members face lifetime ban

Eastenders bosses are furious that numerous high profile storylines have been leaked in recent months. So they have taken action, warning cast members that if they are caught selling titbits to the press, they face a lifetime's ban from 'enders.

According to The Mirror , bosses sent a letter to stars, saying, 'Please be assured that we are working hard with the BBC investigations service to find out who is doing this. When we do find out, action will be taken and the persons responsible will never work at the BBC again. The letter makes it clear the bosses are taking no nonsense when it comes to the show’s filming schedule and scenes being given out. A life ban from the BBC seems a very severe punishment but that is what is being threatened so the cast should take note. No one has been left exempt from the warning. The senior members of the cast have all been told.'

Hang on, so the letter warning about leaks has been leaked? This is serious stuff...find the leaker!

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