Emmy Awards Shock America

Ah, the Emmys! Not as glamorous as the Oscars, not as influential as the Golden Globes, not as elegant as the Baftas, they're the poor relation of the award-ceremony season (and not really in the season, either - the rest happen in Spring).

But after a couple of dodgy years, yesterday's Emmy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles was, at least, pretty funny. Ricky Gervais got in a couple of good digs at Mel Gibson - 'He's been through a lot. Though it must be said, not as much as the jews,' was our favourite. And there were lots of great jokes abut the whole Conan O'Brien-Jay Leno thing earlier this year (the awards were on NBC).

But our favourite bit was the intro, with host Jimmy Fallon (a late-night talk-show host) leading a stomping Bruce Springsteen cover with the cast of Glee, 30 Rock's Tina Fey, Mad Men's John Hamm, and a few cool other people.

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