Eminem is the butt of Bruno's joke at MTV Movie Awards

Eminem is famous for lampooning celebrities in his videos but appears to have been given a taste of his own medicine last night at the MTV Movie Awards in LA by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

The rap star had earlier performed two songs from his new album relapse but was later the butt of a prank by Cohen's gay fashion reporter character Bruno. Cohen entered the arena on a harness dressed in pair of angel wings and a thong before landing on the lap of Eminem and shoving his bum in the rapper's face.

Eminem looked none to pleased and can be seen mouthing to his minders to "Get this motherfunster off me!". Bruno is then dragged off the singer who walks out of the ceremony in a huff. While there are suggestions that Eminem may have been in on the prank, his expression of disgust when Cohen's crotch is in his face appears genuine.

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