Eminem: I love The Wire

Emimen's new album Relapse may unfortunately not be up there with his best work, but his taste in TV is apparently impeccable. The rapper told Radio 1's Scott Mills that The Wire is his favourite show on telly. And he's right to say so.

'It's the best thing ever on TV. Don't get me started on that because the whole interview will be about that. It's the best show.

He also used Dominic West (AKA Jimmy McNulty) to play his rehab councillor on the record, partly because he didn't realise West was English.

'While I was watching the show and when I first started getting into it I was like, “There's no way”. You'd never know. You'd never be able to tell in a million years.

'My rehab councillor has a British accent, so it reminded me of that and I thought, “Wow. How crazy would it be if I could get that guy to play my rehab councillor? That would be crazy”.'

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