Elton's eye-furniture wins prizes

Ah. When you're a celeb who hasn't topped a meaningless poll of any sort for a while it's always nice to see someone still appreciates you - even if that someone, is er Specsavers.

That's right the great British eye furniture company have released a list of the most 'iconic glasses wearers' of all time, and Elton John (owner of over 20,000 pairs of 'I'm 'crrraazy me' specs) has topped it. John Lennon came second, Dame Edna Everage third, Gok Wan fourth and Eric Morecambe fifth - while even the dear old Queen scrimped the top ten.

A Specsavers spokesperson said; Young people are influenced by images of their favourite stars. Fashions have changed a great deal since we started Specsavers 25 years ago but I still love to see people, especially those in the public eye, wearing their specs with pride.

So crank up those rocket-man windscreen wipers and wear em with pride. Alternatively, just wear contacts.

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