Elton's Aussie chitchat

The tabloids have attacked Ben Elton for 'sinking to new lows' on an Aussie TV show. When asked to play a word association game, Elton gave some thoughtful responses: he called the Queen a 'sad old lady' living in State sponsored accomodation; he implied people might have thought Prince Edward was gay, and he reminisced about bumping uglies with Margaret Thatcher (apparently, she smoked like a trooper after sex). Just in case you thought there was nothing left to reveal - his ambition is to make the perfect Yorkshire pudding.

Elton was also attacked for plugging his new book Meltdown on the show, (although from what we could see he only plugged it once - and anyway, what are interviews are for?) Love him or loathe him, this was business as usual for the satirical funny/unfunny/used to be funny (delete where applicable) comic. Judge for yourself below.

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