Ellen announces sequel to Finding Nemo

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For all those fans out there of Finding Nemo – whether you were a parent or a child when the original film came out – good news is on the horizon. Disney Pixar have finally announced that a sequel is indeed not only in the offing, but headed into production. The new film is not to be called Overfishing Nemo or Nemo and the Ocean Plastics Crisis, but Finding Dory and it is set to be released in cinemas in 2015.

Comedian Ellen DeGeneres, who voiced Dory in the original film and is currently one of the faces of the raging gay marriage debate that is engulfing the US has long taken Disney Pixar to task on her show about why there never was a sequel. It basically became an ongoing theme for her TV shows as she railed wryly against the fact that pretty much every other Disney Pixar film had seen a sequel bar Nemo.

When she finally announced the sequel, DeGeneres said the time Pixar had taken to make the sequel was "worth it", adding: "The script is fantastic. It has everything I loved about the first one: a lot of heart, it's really funny, and the best part is it's got a lot more Dory."

No plot details have been revealed about Finding Dory yet, but the film is set on the California coast a year after Finding Nemo. The characters from the original film will no doubt be back if older, wiser, more potentially delicious and in some cases, voiced by different people. Alexander Gould, who voiced Nemo when he was a fresh faced falsetto of seven years old, said he was "devastated" that his voice was now too low to return to the role. Puberty eh

Finding Dory will be directed by Andrew Stanton, who made both Finding Nemo and Wall-E

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