Elle Macpherson ties the knot on a Pacific island

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The Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson has married her fiancé, the billionaire property developer Jeffrey Soffer. The glamorous couple, who first announced their engagement back in March with a gigantic diamond ring, apparently tied the knot on a Pacific island as a select group of friends and family looked on beaming.

A source close to Elle and Jeffrey confirmed to the American Us Weekly magazine that a wedding ceremony had indeed taken place, but no real details have thus far emerged.

It is also not clear whether either or both of Elle’s two sons from her relationship with French financier Arpad Busson, Flynn, 15, and Aurelius Cy, 10, were in attendance. Busson is of course also a billionaire, and we do seem to be sensing something of a pattern in Miss Macpherson’s romantic, and apparently expensive tastes.

Elle, 49, and the extremely well heeled Jeffrey, 44, had actually undergone a ‘separation’ of eight months apart. They first started seeing each other back in 2009, but in March 2012, they split and it wasn’t until Jeffrey was seriously injured that the pair reconciled. Soffer was badly hurt in a helicopter crash in the Bahamas late last year, and had to go through surgery for broken vertebrae, though his friend Lance Valdez was less fortunate and sadly died.

Before Elle rushed to his bedside and the relationship was rekindled, Elle had briefly dated banker Roger Jenkins, though with him having such a paltry net worth of only 80 million, one sensed that it could never be more than a short dalliance.

Despite having lived in London for many years know, it is believed that she may be contemplating a move to Florida where Soffer is based. This will be Macpherson’s second marriage, after she wed French fashion photographer Gilles Bensimon in 1986, though the marriage only lasted three years.

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