Elizabeth Taylor outstrips Michael Jackson in earnings

It might be the source of some tension in the celestial celeb afterlife. Elizabeth Taylor has overtaken her close friend Michael Jackson in the rankings of dead stars’ earnings. The Queen of the Nile made $210 million in the last 12 months, compared to the King of Pop’s $145 million.

Michael’s ghost can console himself that Taylor’s supremacy is likely to be a one-off. A Christie’s auction of the actress’s jewellery and art collection contributed substantially to the Taylor estate’s income. Her collection included a Van Gogh that sold for nearly $25 million. Jackson’s collection of motley llamas could never rival that.

Other than auctions, much of the Taylor income relies on the sales of her White Diamond perfume, worth $75 million in the last year. Jackson obviously missed a trick by never creating a Thriller fragrance.

Jackson’s estate is making far more since the singer died than it ever did when he was alive, mainly because he isn’t there to squander the cash on enlarging his menagerie. The late King’s estate collected most of its income from its publishing empire which includes rights to songs by The Beatles and Lady Gaga. It’s hardly surprising that Jackson’s relatives are squabbling over the singer’s will as it is apparent that the Jackson estate will be a lucrative earner for years to come.

Coming in third in the earnings list was another King, Elvis Presley, whose estate continues to tick along very nicely, 35 years after his demise. Crowds continue to flock to Graceland and fill the Presley coffers.

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