Eep! Linday Lohan off to JAIL

Crikey! When Lindsay Lohan, the one time mean girl with a fondness for booze, was arrested for drunk-driving way back in 2007 sleb-haters were primed for a Paris Hilton-style jail adventure... but it didn't happen. The actress (former actress? Does anyone pretend she'll ever act again?) got off with probation, requiring her to attend 'alcohol education' classes regularly (that means wine tastings, right?).

But now everything has changed. After what the judge called a 'pattern of violations' of her probation agreement, Lohan was yesterday sentenced to 90 days in jail.

Lohan pleaded gamefully with the court for mercy, arguing that she'd 'never asked for special treatment' beyond what was needed to fuel her jet-setting sleb lifestyle. She only made it a minute into a five-minute speech before breaking down in tears. (See the video.)

She broke down in tears as the sentence was announced (more video. Why American courtrooms let TMZ's cameras in, we'll never know).

The good news for Lohan is that apparently, 'generally, a female inmate in Lindsay's situation only serves 25% of their sentence.' So Lohan should only actually spend a little over three weeks banged up. She has two weeks to ready herself / go on a wild bender / attend her birthday party before reporting for incarceration.

Given her reputation for lesbionic antics, we bet Lindsay will be meeting a whole new bunch of Mean Girls behind bars...

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