Edinburgh Festival Winners are announced

The winners of the 2013 Fosters Edinburgh Festival were announced yesterday in an awards ceremony held in the Scottish city’s Dovecot Studios. The most prestigious prize, the Best Comedy Show was carried off in style by Bridget Christie, the young feminist comic who had the audiences rattling up and down the aisles with laughter. Her show, ‘A Bic For Her’ combined imaginative comedy with a passionate political consciousness, taking in a broad sweep of gender related injustice. Cueing up targets as diverse as the Taliban and John Inverdale, she made feminism hysterically funny while surfing the fine line between serious issues bordering on a lecture and full throated chuckles with a few biros and a waterproof jacket chucked in for good measure.

On hand to present the winners with their laurels were Steve Coogan and the winner of last year’s Best Comedy Show award, Doctor Brown.

Christie is perhaps best known for her series on BBC Radio 4 ‘Bridget Christie Minds the Gap’, though she has also been seen on television on BBC Two’s as well as featuring on BBC Two’s ‘It’s Kevin’.

Nica Burns, producer of the Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards, described Christie’s show as “a beautifully written, delightfully delivered show from a consummate comic. Whilst high on the laughter count, Bridget Christie’s show about feminism also gives us something to think about.”

Apart from the critical acclaim and the platform her win will give her, Christie will also be pocketing a £10,000 cash prize – no doubt sorely needed as the life of a comic is rarely resplendent with the trappings of wealth.

Meanwhile, John Kearns won the Best Newcomer Award, and Adrienne Truscott strolled off with the Panel Prize as both of them received £5,000 apiece.

Burns describes Kearns as “an anarchic one off” and Truscott’s show - entitled Asking for It: A One Woman Lady Rape About Comedy Starring Her P---- and Little Else - as “an extraordinary show combining stand up and performing art”.

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