Eat, Pray, Sulk

Over the past few weeks, Julia Roberts has been frolicking around the world promoting the film behemoth that is Eat, Pray, Love. She's been flighty and funny, extolling the joys of Italy, India and Bali. But the laughter stopped when she hit our shores...

Julia was so miffed at the UK Premiere of the film that she refused to talk to journalists, and instead marched straight down the red-carpet and into the screening. One theory put forward by The Mirror, was that the star was annoyed at attempts to satirise her past appearances on red carpets accessorised with armpit foliage.

According to the 3AM girls, 'The plan was to show Julia our impressive armpit muff (made up of a chopped up Milkybar Kid wig) and find out whether a)she’s human and capable of having a laugh about it or b)she’s a bit of a princess and can’t take a joke. What we didn’t count on was c) getting chucked out of the premiere before we had a chance to say hello. Yes, thanks to the humourless (and rather aggressive) PRs, our little stunt was foiled and we got a good bollocking before eventually getting thrown out by a large security man with dazzling white hair.'

So, what's your view? Can the Hollywood princess not take a joke, or was she merely bored at having at endlessly express her delight at eating pizza and spaghetti in the name of art?

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