Eastenders gets political!

Stick that in your pipe, Corrie - Eastenders is proving itself to be the most boundary pushing soap since, well Howards Way or Eldorado (which, by the way, is a soap we will defend to our grave). Only a couple of months since its genre smashing 'live' (and only slightly gaffe ridden) episode, the soap will now (gasp), mention the result of the general election. Those crafty 'Enders writers even have an alternative script up their sleeves in the event of a hung parliament.

According to Digital Spy, the scene will unfold thusly, 'At roughly the halfway point in Friday's screening, Darren Miller (Charlie G Hawkins) will be seen walking through the Square with flatmate Minty Peterson (Cliff Parisi) as they head for The Vic. Strolling through the Square gardens, Darren asks: 'So, what do you reckon then Mints? Good or bad?' before gesturing a local newspaper at him.

A cutaway scene showing the front page of the East London Gazette's election special will then be shown with one of the three most likely alternate headlines: 'Cameron Wins!', 'Clegg Wins!' or 'Brown Wins!'. (not wildly original, admittedly but we suppose it's all very last minute)' Minty will then quip, 'Same old, same old, mate. I tell you what, we'd better get a couple of pints down our scrags before they put the prices up!'

The Thick of It, it ain't...

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