Eastenders fans set for rough ride as Ian Beale to be involved in suicide storyline

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Eastenders fans have been placed on high alert after footage has been circulated showing Ian Beale balancing precariously on the railing of a bridge. This means that the drama on the BBC show could be ratcheted up to levels never seen before as Beale is seemingly pushed to the edge and attempts to take his own life.

Actor Adam Woodyatt was spotted shooting dramatic scenes at the bridge in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. Beale's wife Jane, played by Laurie Brett, was seen by his side desperately trying to talk her dear husband down from the ledge.

Ian has been coming under increasing levels of stress and anxiety ever since he discovered that Bobby has murdered Lucy. Beale has been forced to cover up the truth rather than come clean and it seems that it all might have taken the ultimate toll on the heartbroken dad.

It seems from the pictures being circulated that just at the moment Ian is about to end his life, his mother Kathy Beale, played by Gillian Taylforth, makes a dramatic return to Eastenders. She can be seen running towards her son in a desperate attempt to get closer to him.

Now all that is left is for fans to tune in and fill in the details that lead up to Ian deciding to take such drastic measures to end his life. From some of the images doing the rounds it may even be the case that after Ian sees Kathy it is only then he decides to jump. Stay tuned to BBC folks and watch this space...

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