Early doors for Gordon

Gordon Ramsay has been dropped as the face of Gordon's gin, in a sign that his formerly unassailable popularity is slipping. Ramsay had been associated with Gordon's for many years, fronting their TV and print adverts.

A source told The Mirror, 'Gordon just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. He is not what the brand needs and they are looking for a new, more positive direction.' While brand expert Alan Morrison told the paper, 'I’m not sure a foul-mouthed, top-flight chef with a bad reputation is what they are looking for.'

The last few years haven't been kind to Ramsay; he was forced to close two pubs after the economic downturn, and he fell out in spectacular style with his father in law, Chris Hutcheson. Chris, who was also Ramsay's business partner, accused Gordon of drug abuse, which prompted the now infamous open letter that Ramsay penned in response. In it, Gordon wrote, ‘Removing my father-in-law from the business has been the hardest and most important decision in my entire life. His manipulation and controlling of so many lives has finally come to an end. Chris recently suggested my mood swings were down to involvement with drugs, my god did that hurt. How dare he…’ Tough times at Ramsay towers...

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