Eamonn Holmes puts his foot in it (again)

This Morning presenter Eamonn Holmes has sparked outrage by asking a female sex addict why she hasn't turned to prostitution.

He was interviewing Crystal Warren, who claimed to have slept with more than 1,000 men.

Holmes queried: "If you need this five or six times a day, have you never thought about making a business of it? Charging for it?"

To which Miss Warren replied: "What, becoming a prostitute?"

An ITV spokesman told The Sun: "Eamonn's question was in the context of a wider balanced and frank interview."

However, Doctor Thaddeus Birchard, who specialises in sex addiction, said: "It was an irresponsible comment.

"It shows no understanding of the true nature of sex addiction. I meet people all the time whose lives are in disarray because of their sex patterns and people are very distressed by this."

In October last year, the TV host sparked numerous complaints when interviewing a rape victim. He told Hannah Cant, "I hope you take taxis now. Everywhere you go, coming home at night."

He then turned and asked his wife and co-presenter Ruth Langsford: "How many times do I tell people who I know to take taxis?"

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