D'yer wanna be a bestman?

Noel Gallagher has popped the question to his lady-friend of the last ten years, and mother of his two sons, Sara Macdonald. According to pals, you can forget Lily Allen or Ed Miliband's boring bashes - the Gallagher nuptuals will be the hot ticket of the summer.

A source close to the scene told The Sun, 'Noel secretly asked Sara to marry him on her birthday last October. He's not one for making a big scene. This is the man who kept his leather jacket on when his lad Donovan was born. They have been living like they are married for years anyway, but now they have a family together Noel thought it was the right time to do the romantic thing. He splashed out on a mega posh Solange Azagury-Partridge ring from a Bond Street jewellers.

The source closed his tale with a final bit of gushing, 'They are madly in love and spend all their time together without any bickering. They are a perfect match.'

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