Dump him, Chezza

It’s not been a great last couple of weeks for Ashley Cole. Since his lying about sex texts was exposed by the press in a fiendish fashion, a whole host of other women have taken a few quid from the tabloids to tell of their experiences with the Chelsea love rat, and it looks like it's costing him his marriage. On top of that he is now fighting a war with Chelsea, who he thinks are victimising him after the tender way they treated captain John Terry.

Not only that, but each woman that comes out seems to give him a bit of a slating as a loverman, saying he’s all a bit soppy in the sack and lacking the fire of a true wanton Romeo. The latest is Emma Barrett, who went out with the Chelsea left-back for five years from 1997, and who says he also cheated on her. Hmmm, there seems to be a pattern emerging.

‘Cheryl is beautiful and talented,' she said to The Sun. 'Ashley doesn't deserve her! I just can't understand it. If he's got someone like her and he's doing that, I doubt he's ever going to change. He's an idiot.

‘After this many times, she needs to call it a day. I know it's hard when you love someone but she's got to do it for her self-respect. He was shy in bed but he did satisfy me, I guess. He wasn't into anything kinky. The sex was never dirty in any way. It was fairly mundane and boring!’

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