Duffy begs for Mercy

Just two years ago, Duffy was a feted star, with a platinum album, awards, and the world - or at least the part of the world who like rehashed 60s pop - at her feet. But now, after the failure of her latest album, 'Endlessly', Duffy wants out. According to reports, the star wants to return to anonymity, and is sick of fame.

A source told The Mirror, 'She’s really down about the last ­album, Endlessly. It didn’t sell well and charted terribly and she isn’t trying again and making a comeback. She wants to have a quiet life and start over. Duffy made a truckload of cash with the first album and through her endorsements with Diet Coke, so she’s ­comfortable and able to enjoy some down-time.

The source continued, 'She’s not got management right now and has met a few people about taking over. But she’s just not interested. She’s continually saying she doesn’t want to let her record company down. But her old label, A&M, was ­basically ­abolished outside the USA after her last single flopped. She’s under Polydor now.'

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