Duchess of Cambridge Aloud

Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts has dispelled rumours that the group will be re-forming to play at the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, only to reveal that she would like the group to make their comeback at the Queen’s jubilee concert instead.

The ‘Beat of My Drum’ singer told the Daily Star that she would love to get the Duchess of Cambridge onstage for a boogie to celebrate the bands 10th anniversary. She said: ‘It’s our 10th anniversary and would be nice to celebrate that together and if we didn’t it would be really sad.’

‘I don’t know where it came from that we were playing the Olympics concert. That was a rumour. Now the Queen’s Jubilee gig? Oh my God, we need to get on that. I absolutely love Kate and I really want to meet her.’

Not happy to settle at just meeting the people’s new favourite princess, Roberts seems keen on collaborating with her: ‘We could get her up and do a little number. Wonder what she sings like? We can show her a few moves.’ Now that would be something to look forward to!

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