Dr Who set to return for the rest of season 7 starting March 30th

More than ninety days - if you're fan you've been counting - have gone by since the last episode of Dr Who was aired on Christmas day, and the long hiatus is finally coming to an end, as the The Doctor will be returning for the remaining eight episodes of Season seven, that starts on Saturday, 30 March, 2013.

The seventh episode called The Bells of St John’s is written by the show’s lead writer and executive producer, Steven Moffat and directed by Colm MCarthy, whose screen credits include the 2010 supernatural thriller flick Outcast, Endeavour and two back-to-back episodes of Ripper Street.

Moffat has promised that Doctor Who in 2013 will be a tremendous year as it also marks the 50th anniversary of BBC’s TV series and other episodes written by Mark Gatiss and Neil Gaiman will be part of season seven.

Since Moffat is such a stickler for spoilers, what we can tell you is that Bells of St. Johns is set in modern day urban London and will see the appearance of a new race of menacing monster/foes called Spoonheads, which many hard core Trekkie fans will recall as a racial slur that was used to describe the Cardassians, who had a spoon-shaped feature in the center of the their foreheads.

Moffat described the upcoming episode as, "It's the traditional Doctor Who thing of taking something omnipresent in your life and making it sinister, if something did get in the Wi-Fi, we'd be kind of screwed. Nobody had really done it before, so I thought, 'It's time to get kids frightened of Wi-Fi!".

And fans will finally we get to know something more of the Doctor’s newest and very mysterious companion, Clara Oswald who is replacing the Amy Pond and Rory Williams after they left in The Angels Take Manhattan episode. .

Clara made her first appearance as Oswin Oswald in the episode Asylum of the Daleks and then was reintroduced as Clara in the Christmas special The Snowmen, and she will be a continue to be part of the series as Jenna-Louise Coleman who portrays the character has confirmed that she’ll part of the cast in season eight.

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