Dr Who blow for Miranda

When news emerged recently that everyone's favourite clumsy six-foot telly star, Miranda Hart, was touted to join Doctor Who, people got excited. Especially when writer Steven Moffat whispered that it would be a 'significant role'. However, those meanies at the BBC have vetoed the idea, saying that Miranda needs to concentrate on her own show, which she writes and stars in.

A source close to Miranda told The Sun, 'Miranda was thrilled to be asked to be on Doctor Who. Steven offered her a decent role and she felt, as it was on the BBC, there would be no problem. But the BBC1 controller let it be known that he wants her focused on her show, which he has nabbed from BBC2. Miranda's gutted as she feels she could do both.'

Surely with all the technological gizmos at the Doctor's disposal they could sort out some kind of teleporter. Just a thought...

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