Double baby whammy

With seemingly every notable female in Hollywood pregnant at the moment, Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie are the latest of the lot to finally bring their babes into the world. Not only were they in the same hospital, but they also gave birth within hours of each other. (Maybe they were holding hands…)

Wondering what the wacky names are this time? Well, you may be a bit disappointed.  This time the names are decidedly normal – for Hollywood stars that is.

Nicole chose the kookier name of the two naming their daughter Harlow Winter Kate. (Let’s hope there’s never a typo with that first name…) and Miss Aguilera named her son Max Liron. Christina and hubby obviously put rather a lot of thought into this name as it has a particular meaning to it. Max means ‘the greatest’ and Liron is Hebrew for ‘My song’ – My greatest Song.

Aaaw… Sweet, no?

(Image: from YouTube)

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