Doris dies

Fans of hilarious sit-com Gavin & Stacey are always arguing over who they think the funniest character was – OK, they’re not doing this, but for the purposes of a strangled opening paragraph, just play along, eh? – and despite the obvious answer of ‘anyone but Gavin or Stacey’, Doris is always up there at the top, swearing at the inferior beings below.

So fans will no doubt be gutted to hear that Margaret John, who played Doris, passed away in the early hours of this morning, hopefully going on to that place where she can look down on the inferior beings below. She was 84 years old.

The shows’ Director Peter Watkins-Hughes said ‘she was the grandmother everyone wanted and a friend to everyone,’ while James Corden wrote on Twitter: ‘All my thoughts are with the family of Margaret John who played Doris in G and S. A great actress and an incredible lady. She will be missed x.’

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