Don't worry Lindsay

We all knew already that there’s one rule for us, and another one for wealthy Hollywood movie stars. Regardless of what shenanigans you get up to, you can always rely on some sympathetic judge to cut you some slack, again, even if you’re not even a movie star any more, and are only famous for a series of tabloid hi-jinks.

Take Lindsay Lohan, who has made one decent film in her career – Mean Girls – and has spent the rest of her time since then starring in a series of turkeys and getting rip-roaring drunk, for instance. She was sentenced to 90 days in prison for breaking the terms of her probation (from a 2007 drink-driving charge), but it looks as though she could be serving as little as nine days at California’s Lynwood Jail. That, maths fans, is only ten per cent of her sentence: doesn’t it make you sick?

‘The sentence keeps shrinking,’ said a source from the jail to The Sun. ‘The new estimate is she will be released after nine days if she behaves herself. The latest sheriff's documents are saying 14 days but she can knock a few more off that. I expect her to be out shortly after next weekend.’

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