Don't Stop Gear

Top Gear is huge! It’s everywhere. It’s the most illegally downloaded telly programme in the world. How they worked that out and how they can back that claim up, we have no idea. Anyway, it’s watched everywhere, including Mexico.

The popular show is fronted by right-wing ogre Jeremy Clarkson, which inevitably means he’ll occasionally p*** off a couple of people i.e. no one in the scale of things. This time, the BBC have been forced to apologise for comments big Jezza made on the show about Mexicans. In the recent episode he said cars are like the countries they are made in, so in Mexico they’re lazy.

In the written apology to Mexican Ambassador Eduardo Medina-Mora Icaza the BBC said national stereotyping is part of British humor, the presenters did not intend to be vindictive and they make jokes about the British being terrible cooks & terrible romantics.

So, not really an apology. Good on the BBC. It was just a joke.

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