'Don't pimp out my kids'

Frank Lampard has warned ex-fiancee Elen Rives not to get their children involved in the PR battle raging between Peter Andre and Katie Price. Rives is now dating Andre, and has allowed her kids to be pictured with Andre, a move which has prompted Lampard's lawyers to send official letters to his ex.

According to The Mirror, Lampard told friends, 'I will not suffer my kids being pimped out on TV. I have already instructed my lawyers to make sure this doesn’t happen.' The pal continued, 'He’s worried when he sees Peter and Jordan hitting out at each other on Twitter and the newspapers amid rows about the welfare of their own children that this will have a knock-on effect on his daughters. He is concerned about any stress Luna and Isla may be put under by the attention surrounding Elen and Peter’s romance. He doesn’t care what Elen gets up to. As a good father he has concerns for his children.'

This could get nasty...

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