Don't mention the Woss

The BBC have let their employees know that they are not to think about, ponder on or mention the name of that presenter who recently caused a storm by quitting his highly lucrative post on prime time Friday night telly, unless they want a big slap on the wrist, and possibly the sack. That’s Jonathan Ross, in case you’d forgotten.

Nigel Lythgoe, the weird-looking judge on So You Think You Can Dance revealed that, ‘I have already been told (by Auntie, obviously), 'No political jokes and don't make a joke about Jonathan Ross'.’ Why they’re so desperate to avoid any more chat about it is anybody’s guess; apparently the controversy needs to die down, but 'man quits job' isn’t that controversial, is it? Anyway, Lythgoe wants to take the lisping Londoner to the States with him, where he produced the yank version of SYTYCD and American Idol, and where he thinks Wossy would do well.

‘I originally took Jonathan Ross to ITV and I really like him,’ he said to The Sun. ‘He is really quick-witted and smart. He oversteps the line sometimes but I think he is really talented.

‘I would love to see him on American TV. They don't really have that sort of person over there. Most of the chat show hosts are too busy reading things off cards.’

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