Don’t go to rehab

After reading a review of singer Cat Power’s latest show, the phrase “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” comes to mind.

Recovering alcoholic Cat Power, often admonished for her alcoholism, which crippled her onstage performance, is now being criticised again – this time for being sober.

Her deep self-doubt and struggle with the booze often left the singer, whose real name is Chan Marshall, a complete wreck on stage, in one instance curling up into foetal position in the middle of the concert. Now these stage breakdowns are being called “aching and haunting”, her recent lucid performance described as “meaningless” and
“disillusioning to witness”. 

The writer of the review tells us from the outset “there is nothing glamorous or enviable about depression”, but the article by the end can’t help but suggest that maybe there is. This echoes the lacklustre reviews of the sober Pete Doherty at the last European Music Awards. And troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan is now being labelled “boring” by many showbiz writers. We just hope a post-rehab Amy Winehouse doesn’t get the same treatment. It’s enough to make you hit the bottle…

Maybe Cat Power has lost her certain something. But it really seems we just love the idea of the tortured artist – not the together, sober one.

(Image: from YouTube)

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