Don't believe what you Reid

Amir Khan has denied that he has been getting involved with Katie Price, and scoffed at reports that he hooked up with her in Las Vegas. Amazingly it turns out that the tabs were fibbing – we literally cannot believe that.

Khan got himself on Twitter after it was reported that his close friendship with Price was what caused the split between her and husband Alex Reid, a split that still doesn’t seem to be official. Be prepared for some dreadful Twitter-style spelling and grammar.

‘Stories about me and Katie price are not true!’ he wrote. ‘I didn't even see or meet her in Vegas! (sic)

‘So u all no. Papers say its because of me, Katie Price split up with Alex. That's not true. I got nothing to do with it. We just friends. We don't msg each ova nonstop and I didn't even see her in Vegas.

‘We just friends I can't believe how everything's twisted! I like Alex he's a nice guy. And they made a great couple.’

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