Doing the Timelord shuffle

The BBC is “postponing” the next series of Doctor Who and David Tennant – who stepped jauntily into Christopher Ecclestone’s rather sulkier shoes and been a big success as the last of the Timelords – is already signed up for other projects.

This means of course that the speculation machine’s in full flow as to who gets to be the Doctor’s next regeneration. We’ve got a few favourites:

Bill Nighy: the Daleks would stand no chance against his intergalactic sardonic boredom
Jose Mourinho: available, charismatic, special
Russell Crowe: if all else fails, punch something

The most radical solution – but a guaranteed hit, we think – is always Tom Baker – a quick Tardis trip and we could even have him back in his be-scarfed pomp. The campaign to bring back K-9 starts here...

(Image: Roth Park Mark Flickr Stream)

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