Doing it for the kids

When we think of Russell Brand and Katy Perry's future offspring, we imagine a troupe of cheeky performers straight out of Sylvia Young's stage school, but with a dash of Artful Dodger for good measure. This hypothesis hasn't been altered by Russell's claims that children bring out his 'kerazy' side. Apparently, Brand just loves hanging out with kids, and evokes a scene reminiscent of a rent-a-clown at a birthday party.

The long-haired funnyman told The Sun, 'When I'm around my mates' children, I jazz them kids up. I swear at them, I get them all worked up. I fill their heads with crazy nonsense, then leave them. I love children - when I'm among children is when I feel most liberated. I don't feel like, 'Oh there are some children here, I have to tone it down'. I go nuts.'

Come on, Perry/Brand; let the procreation commence!

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