Doherty released from naughtyhouse

Doherty's out. He walked free at 7am this morning sporting a shabby black suit and tie, a bag slung over his shoulder and a fag already on the go. According to The Sun Pete's looking forward to seeing his pet cats - and getting stuck into a nice rum and coke.

Doherty described life in the scrubs as "a bit rough to start with" and “a lot of gangsters and Radio 4”. But didn't have a bad word to say about the overcrowding or the medical facilities.

"They do their best - they are good, although they can't really cater for the average junkie" Pete told waiting reporters. (The Sun)

So what next for Pete? Although he missed the Parisian exhibition of his art - (much of which was sketched using his own blood) Pete's paintings have been known to go for as much as £1000 a pop - handy shrapnel for a man with no house or income.

Plus his early release (after only 29 days of a 14 week sentence) means he'll be able to play Glastonbury - which should top up the coffers a bit.

All in all, Doherty seems on fine form. He glowed with pride at a medical certificate stating he was 'clean of drugs' and told NME he was 'buzzing' to be out. "I feel great – I've walked out and I don't feel like I want to score - I feel like I want to go for a nice walk in the park instead." Gold star to Pete.

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