Doherty passes up 60K gig to be with pregnant cat

Cuddly domestic animals aren't just for drunk / stoned / high clips on YouTube - they're for life.

Well that's certainly a mantra Pete Doherty is taking to heart. The BabyShambles mess passed up the chance to earn a very easy 60,000 squibs recently when he failed to turn up to a booking at the Werchter festival in Belgium. The reason? He wanted to be around when his pregnant cat gave birth. Pete even refused kind airport offers to take the moggy on the plane with him and have it pop out it's cargo on the plane floor. "He'd do anything for his cats no matter what the cost" said a Sun source.

Doherty's close relationship with his 10 strong pack of cats has been well documented. He cited 'getting back to his cats' as the best thing about getting out of prison in June, and shortly after filmed himself bathing alongside one of his kitties during a bizarre YouTube grooming vid. When another of his mogs was looking a bit green round the gills recently, Doherty whisked it straight off to the vets where it was promptly diagnosed with cocaine poisoning. Doctor Doolittle eat your heart out!

Check out Pete taking his cats to the vets and chatting to chickens.

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