Doherty faring well in cooler

Nothing would rattle a hardened crim's goat more than fighting daily to survive in a dangerous cooler like Wormwood Scrubs - and learning that a celebrity con over in the high risk Rivendell wing is living the life of riley.

Such would be Pete Doherty's predicament should he ever be transferred over to the tough normal wing of Wormy Hole - away from the tranquility of the high risk segregation unit he's been lying low in ever since checking in.

While the worry of getting battered in the showers by 7 foot armed robbers every day has been all but removed...the only folk Pete has to mingle with his floor are other high riskers like paeodophiles and sex offenders. And killing time with them is about as welcome a prospect as a fart in a spacesuit!

Still, according to The Sun, Pete's bearing up fine in the can and has even been treated to his own private room, double mattress, radio, and telly. Which sounds about as good as a Novotel to us. Here's hoping the other cons don't get wind of Pete's cushdy prison arrangement!

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