Doggy Dog out of the pound

Fans of hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg rejoice; your favourite West Coast rhyme spitter is finally going to be allowed back in the UK after he overturned his permanent visa refusal – a full four years after his ban from entering our green and pleasant land.

The Doggfather was banned from the UK after a 2006 punch-up at Heathrow airport between him and his entourage and some police officers over access to British Airways first-class lounge. His boys obviously came out on top too, as seven coppers were injured, although eventually the fuzz won out, and banged Snoop up in the cells for a night. However now Snoop can happily crip-step his way down the Kings Road if he wants to, as a London immigration tribunal agreed that his role in the fight was ‘relatively minor’.

‘The ruling is very good news for Snoop,’ said his UK lawyer Phillip Trott. ‘But it's a shame it took five hearings for us to get to this stage.’

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