Dog-cloning, Mormon kidnapping woman story gets worse

OK, so pay attention, this story gets complicated. You might remember recently an American woman claimed that she was the first person to have her pet successfully cloned. Unfortunately when her picture got in all the papers police recognised her as the 'Manacled Mormon Kidnapper', a woman who had kidnapped, tied up with mink-lined handcuffs and 'sexually attacked' a 17-stone Mormon missionary in Surrey.

So, just when you were thinking this unfortunate woman's story couldn't be much odder--few us us would like 'dog-cloning Mormon Kidnapper' on our passports--here comes the latest installment of the saga.

It turns out that there's another crime she's accused of. Persuading a 15-year old boy to rob a house in order to get the money to buy a wooden leg for a beloved horse. (The horse needed a wooden leg of course--this wasn't just a whim). Obviously she's regretting publicising the cloning so much, but we have to praise her for providing so much crime-related entertainment. We'll be watching out for her next wacky adventure this week.

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