Dog teaches old Rourke new tricks

Mickey Rourke has confessed he struggled so much to get his acting career going again that he used to confide in his dog.

Talking to Contact Music, the Hollywood hellraiser told how he thought he’d thrown it all away after a series of personal problems (mainly alcohol and women);

"For so many years, I'd sit and talk to the dog, and say: 'I'm not coming back, it's over. I was never going to quit. That's not in me, but I thought: 'I've f**ked it up.' I didn't think I'd come back to this level ever again."

After keeping the actor’s substitute bench warm for more than a decade Rourke is tipped for Oscar glory for his role in new flick The Wrestler. Ringside seats at multiplexes from Jan 16. And who said you couldn’t teach an old dog new tricks?

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