Does Alex still love Katie?

Kate Price and Alex Reid have been apart for almost a year, but it appears as if the cross-dressing cage fighter, and amour of Chantelle Houghton might be pining for the big-bosomed multimillionairess. Speaking to a newspaper, Reid said that he was still in love with Katie, despite the fact that Price has been less than complimentary in return.

Alex admitted to The Daily Mail, 'I still love her, even though, recently she said she didn’t love me. Katie and I aren’t divorced yet. I wouldn’t go back but I’d go forward with someone. Read that how you want.’ Ooh er. Katie didn't quite return the favour, declining to mention Alex in her list of 'people I have loved'.Price grudgingly said, 'Obviously I felt like I loved him at the time or I wouldn’t have done it and I wish him well.'

Speaking of his new squeeze, Chantelle Houghton, he said, 'I actually miss her now. I want to be next to her. She turns me on, physically and mentally. When I hear her voice, it’s magic. We trust each other. I was very nervous when I first met Chantelle, because my heart was still broken, but she’s mended it.' While Chantelle chipped in, 'I just love being around him. He makes me feel really good about myself. 'When we’re together nothing else really matters. It’s nice to have someone who wants to look after me. He makes me feel so secure. He completes me.'

Jeez, talk about mixed messages, we just don't know what to think now...

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