Doctor Who Christmas Special: regeneration scene tops Christmas Day ratings

Doctor Who regenerating at the end of The Time of the Doctor was the most watched TV moment of Christmas Day with 10.2 million tuning in to see the five-minute spot. Matt Smith’s Doctor was replaced by Peter Capaldi in the final scene of the Christmas special which overall attracted 8.3 million viewers on the big day.

Although millions watched it, many weren’t so sure what they’d witnessed as critics have called the latest Doctor Who special “convoluted.” The show tackled three main points that Doctor Who fans often discuss between themselves. By trying to answer some of the folk law behind the franchise, they may have turned off casual viewers and frustrated big fans of the series.

The first point seems to be the biggest of all: the amount of lives the Doctor can have. Until the 50th anniversary special, the Doctor was allowed to regenerate 12 times giving him 13 lives. In the anniversary special we also learnt that Matt Smith’s Doctor wasn’t the 11th as John Hurt’s Doctor and another predecessor existed so Smith’s Doctor is the 13th. Apparently Capaldi’s Doctor is the first of another set of 13 Doctors. Confused? We were.

The 12th hour was also a theme explored here. Matt Smith’s first appearance in “The Eleventh Hour” It wasn’t as confused as the Doctor regeneration but it meant that Amy Pond returned to our screens to see the Doctor off, which seemed a little weird but apparently Whovians have been all over twitter saying that it was touching an appropriate.

The question of what’s behind door number 11 was answered but it was a crack in the wall. When he addressed the crack by saying “who else?” rather than “what else?” we were also confused.

So Matt Smith was the 13th Doctor, the 12th hour was important and the 11th door seemed to be significant. What must the millions who watch just once a year have thought of all that?

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