Doctor Who and Sherlock crossover unlikely

Matt Smith, aka Doctor Who, is intrigued by the possibility of two of the BBC’s most popular characters appearing together on screen. Although Steven Moffat oversees both Doctor Who and Sherlock, Smith thinks giving Sherlock Holmes a cameo in Doctor Who might not be going to happen any time soon.

"I'm not averse to it," Smith said when quizzed by the nerdy types from Collider. "I'm kind of open. I'm like yeah, because I just think they would find each other so remarkable." Moffat and Mark Gatiss, the co-creator of Sherlock, are less enthralled by the idea. "I think Mark and Steven kind of hate the idea of Doctor Who and Sherlock ever meeting."

Both take their shows very seriously and like to believe in the internal integrity of the shows’ logic, especially Sherlock, which, set in contemporary London, has rather less leeway with plots than Doctor Who.

Speaking at the London Comic-Con, Smith was ready to run with the idea once it had been mooted. He thought the Doctor and the other Doctor, Watson, played by Martin Freeman, would get on well. "The Doctor with Watson, he'd be like, 'Cheer up mate. It's not that bad, I know you're really clever, but there's an alien over there, let's go and talk. He's got wiggly bits on'."

It’s not clear what refreshment was available at Comic-Con, but it sounds as if Smith had partaken freely. Both series are about to get back into production. The third series of Sherlock will start filming in January, assuming Freeman can find a space in between filming The Hobbit trilogy. Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Sherlock, also had a part in The Hobbit, playing the dragon Smaug.

Doctor Who’s current series is in hiatus before the Christmas special. The second half of the series will resume in early 2013.

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