Doctor denies drugs dose

A doctor who has been implicated in the death of Michael Jackson has denied that he gave the King of Pop propofol, which was part of the cocktail of drugs he was using to cure his insomnia and pain.

Dr Allan Metzger said that Jackson demanded that he be given a dose of the drug back in April, two months before he died, but according to his lawyer Harland Braun, he refused to cave in to the superstar’s demands.

Dr Metzger had previously admitted to treating Jackson in 2003 and prescribing a mild sleeping pill when he visited his home this April.

Dr Metzger told him that he wouldn't give it (propofol) to him,’ said Braun. ‘Dr Metzger turned Michael Jackson down.’

Meanwhile LaToya Jackson has been sounding off about the homicide verdict handed down for her brother's death, which had earlier claimed was murder in an attempt to get to his fortune.

'I am thankful to the investigators for uncovering the truth to the world, and I look forward to the day that justice will be served to all the parties involved in my brother's homicide.'

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