Do you know 'sweet 16?'

Ah the Catholic Church; you’ve got to love ‘em. If it’s not explaining, while gripped in the midst of a series of revelations about child abuse cover ups that go all the way up to Pope Benny himself, that the Beatles were forgiven for saying that they were bigger than Jesus, then it’s offering good old Susan Boyle the chance to sing for the discredited church chief when he comes to visit Scotland later on in the year.

The offer, which should really be turned down by Boyle’s management with a nice ‘not on your nelly’, is apparently being considered. However no formal offer has been received as such, just some chatter about it on Irish TV channel RTE from a spokesman for the Scottish Catholic Church.

‘She certainly would be a great asset to the programme on the day and we hope to be able to discuss the possibility of her participation soon,’ they said. Turn ‘em down SuBo. You know you want to.

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