Do the hokey pokey

So, it was off to the pokey for Lindsay Lohan today. The actress looked nervous (as anyone would be) as she turned up to the televised court appearance to hand herself in. Once the legal wranglings were taken care of - sorry but, Lindsay's sentencing judge gives us the shivers - the Mean Girl was cuffed and led away, ready to begin her 90 days - in reality as little as 14 days due to overcrowding.

Gory details of life on the inside are already seeping out. In fact it's reminding us of the time when Pete Doherty was inside and The Sun devoted literally every waking minute to finding out what he was up to. Clue - staring at four walls.

Annnnyway, the deets so far. Lindsay cried as she went in, while inmates cheered. She was strip searched and forced to don a vile orange jump suit. She had a first meal of turkey, apple sauce and coleslaw. And then? We presume she sat in her cell. And sat in her cell...and sat...

On the bright side the talented actress is looking at million dollar book and film deals if she plays her remorseful 'fallen angel' card right. Keep that there pecker up Lindsay...

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