D-listers at war

Katie Price has found time in the midst of her marital breakdown, to start a spat with another ex-husband, one Peter Andre (remember him?). Peter issued an angry press release after his, and Katie's, daughter 'Princess' was admitted to hospital with burns. In celebrity-land, the obvious reaction to your child being hospitalised, is to get straight in touch with your PR reps. I mean, it's just logical, right?

According to The Mirror, Pete fumed, 'I will not be accused of using an accident to gain publicity by Kate. For the record... no one had contacted me to tell me my daughter had hurt herself. I tried to contact Kate to find out what had happened, but she didn’t respond. Kate finally called. She then said I was making a big issue out of it.

A few hours after Andre's statement was issued, Katie retaliated saying, 'Princess has got a minor burn under her armpit that she received in a fluke accident. Unfortunately, Harvey’s accident means we have a lot of experience of dealing with burns.'

There seems to be a piece of the jigsaw missing in this little intrigue. Ah yes, what does Monsieur Alex Reid have to say? Press releases at the ready please...

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