Djimon Hounsou and Kimora Lee up duff?

Fresh from signing the divorce papers on her 7 year marriage to Def Jam mogul Russell Simmons on Tuesday - and Kimora Lee Simmons may already be up the duff.

Simmons, who amongst many other fabulous things, is best known for playing wifey to a middle aged hip hop mogul, has been stepping out with Gladiator/Blood Diamond hunk Djimon Honsou of late. And word on the street is the almost offensively beautiful sleb couple may have been paid a visit by the stork.

Time for a fresh lick of paint on the nursery walls and a root around in the loft for hand me downs? No ho ho. Something tells us this designer Baby Phat 'mommy' won't be pulling the smelly orange flares out of the box any time soon!

Will the Hollywood bump-shack ever stop sprouting....

Check out Djimon working his martial arts magic in new film 'Never Back Down' - you might have stolen the man Kimora but you'll never take our dreams!

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