DJ Talent savaged by kiss and tell

Getting famous quick on the back of a reality show, it's only normal that a few kiss and tells are going to come crawling out of the woodwork. Well DJ Talent, (the gold toothed rapper from BGT who claims to have bedded over a 1000 women) has just had his first one, and to to put it mildly, she didn't take any prisoners.

Russian born Alexandra Donekova says she did the wild thing with DJ Talent after pulling him in a fetish club, explaining that she was so drunk at the time that the thought of going home with him seemed like a good idea. Though she regrets it, her memories of of her one night of passion with the bling king are lucid.

She explained; "I had to look away or I would've thrown up. He was quite hairy, like a monkey, only bigger. Teeth like that look all right on a proper rapper like Goldie. But on a balding guy with a beer belly, that's not what you want to see." She then told how Talent gave her a running commentary on proceedings by rapping to her all the way through. "I'd been really enjoying it seconds earlier. Now I'd just lost it. He carried on singing it until he'd finished. Then he held me in his arms. He'd stopped rapping by then, and I didn't want to let go in case he started again."

Talent's street cred must have taken a battering, but as the saying goes, no publicity is bad publicity. Or could this be the one exception to the rule?

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